Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Retaking What is Mine

Hello followers of the self-proclaimed Detective.

It's good to seE you all. How are you? I am quite fine, thank you for asking. Enough with the smalL talk, I came here to leave a message for you and MIster Harring.

You see... A while back I made the mistake of trusting a child with my collection. I know, aren't I foolish? And so far, that has proVen to be a terrible decision. Seeing how hE has made such little progRess, I think it's almost time I tAke it back.

Oh, and doN't worry Keith... I'll let you keep the envelope... Under the Circumstances, I'd usually take all that I gave you. However I am feeling quite genErous this time around. Enjoy.


P.S. Is it true that He has shown up again? Well isn't that just a buzzkill... Regardless, He's not here for you... Yet...

P.S.S. Do you mind if I borrow your Twitter? Thanks, you're the best Keith.


  1. This is creepy. Any idea who D might be?

  2. I think D. might stand for Deliverer... That's my best guess. And speaking of The Deliverer, I did NOT post that message saying "I've found all your clues Mr. Deliverer" on twitter...

    Update coming soon.

  3. Oh yeah... I also can't remove this post...

  4. I'm not quite sure what "deliverance" this being is talking about.

  5. Oh! So is that the first post from someone else? (not including your friend)

  6. Probably... Not really sure who it could be though. I'm going to ask Jane if she knows anything. It wouldn't be the first time she's hidden something from me.

    In other news I can't make any posts... I assume D wants to make another message...