Tuesday, August 23, 2011


     Hey guys. I know I haven't been very active on here, but it's just really hard to juggle the Disk, school, and keeping you guys updated at the same time. So, I decided to make a quick update post that will hopefully answer any questions you might have.

     So, the playground video. By now you know that I saw Him there, reaching out to me. I didn't drop the camera on purpose. The moment He raised His arm I almost felt as if I had no control over my body. My hands released the camera and I just "flew" backwards. After I got up I picked up camera and scanned the area, but He was gone. I turned around to face the path, and I bumped into Jane. I was a little surprised considering she was nowhere in sight a few seconds ago, it was like she just materialized right then and there. She was just staring at the trees where He was. She told me she saw the entire thing, which also came as a shock to me. Even though I saw Him for the first time in a year, I gotta say finding out that Jane is being stalked as well just tops it off. I have known Jane since I moved here. My first reaction to the situation was anger. I just started yelling at her, telling her that the entire time she could have asked for help. After a minute or two I calmed down and was able to reason with myself. We left the park and just started talking. Jane says He was at the park for her, not me. We both assume that I just got in the way so He pushed me away, at the same time alerting Jane. Since she was alerted of His presence, she ran over to me instead of getting closer. He vanished right after, I assume in anger.

     That's really all there is worth telling about the playground. It comforts yet unsettles me that He didn't want me there. Two runners stood right before him, yet he only wanted one... I don't know. Hopefully it will make sense over time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


     Okay well since I can post on my own blog again, I think it's time I give a message to everyone. You know, just so we are on the same page.

I am NOT going to give up The Disk. Period.

     I don't care how many times he breaks into my house. It's mine now, I own it, and I'm not going to give it back to him. Simple as that. Another reason being that I'm not going to put anyone else through what I have. You made the mistake of giving The Disk to someone who was already a part of Him. And for the record, I have been researching the Disk. I'm still doing my job. Speaking of which I think it's time I announce the latest subject on the Disk.

Zeke Strahm (helpingthosehelpthemselves.blogspot.com)

     There. Happy? I'm still investigating the damn thing so leave me alone. So try and come near my house again, I dare you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

How Right You Are...

     Well here I am making another post, just as you predicted Keith. Yes I disabled your ability to post for the time being. Why? Well one of your little followers brought up an interesting question.

"Deliverance from what?"

Not the exact quote but it contains the same message.

     Deliverance from The Shroud. What is The Shroud, you ask? Well let me answer your question with a question... What hides the truth? I think you can answer both questions by yourself now. Well, I've had my fun for tonight. Feel free to post without a care in the world, Keith. Oh wait... You barely post anything that's interesting...


P.S. Stopped by your house today... All those locks aren't going to stop me from taking what is mine...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Retaking What is Mine

Hello followers of the self-proclaimed Detective.

It's good to seE you all. How are you? I am quite fine, thank you for asking. Enough with the smalL talk, I came here to leave a message for you and MIster Harring.

You see... A while back I made the mistake of trusting a child with my collection. I know, aren't I foolish? And so far, that has proVen to be a terrible decision. Seeing how hE has made such little progRess, I think it's almost time I tAke it back.

Oh, and doN't worry Keith... I'll let you keep the envelope... Under the Circumstances, I'd usually take all that I gave you. However I am feeling quite genErous this time around. Enjoy.


P.S. Is it true that He has shown up again? Well isn't that just a buzzkill... Regardless, He's not here for you... Yet...

P.S.S. Do you mind if I borrow your Twitter? Thanks, you're the best Keith.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Playground

Hey guys, Keith here. Sorry it's taken me so long to get this out... I've been really busy lately. Anyway, here's the video I promised.

So yeah, as you can see this is a pretty short clip. If you are following me on Twitter you will recall me saying that I couldn't get into the school, and the footage I would show would be what happened when I wa heading home. There's a park about a mile up from my school, and it's how a lot of students walk/bike there. Anyway, I will post a complete update post and/or video later.

I recommend going to the link and watching this in full screen. Plus, I removed the audio because it is way too loud. Which is just odd because He was a good distance from where I was standing.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Little Post

Hey, I decided to do a quick little post just so you guys know I'm still here.

Not much has really happened around here. I've been watching the Disk daily and I've been looking for who else is on it, but I haven't been getting many results. I'll be heading over to my High-School to get my student picture taken, and I'll be on twitter today so keep an eye out for quick little updates. Anyways, talk to you guys later.