Sunday, July 31, 2011

Twitter Conversation

So for those of you who didn't know, I started up a Twitter to talk to you guys. The first conversation went REALLY well and it was great to get to know some of you better :) I promise you I'll be doing a lot more of them and I'll announce it here whenever I'll do one. And for those who weren't there, here's a little something I took about a year ago:

Talk to you later.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Black Disk: Pt. 2

Hey, sorry it took a while to get this out. A lot of things have been going on.

The Story:

     I moved to Colorado from New York around the end of summer of last year. Two things I love about this place is the fact that I do not live in a rural area, and there isn't a forest for miles. You could say I was running away from my problems, and you'd be right. I was. I was happy to be away from the thick, dark forests and the tall trees. Everything was normal up until two months ago. On May 16th of this year, I received The Envelope. My parents went out shortly after I got back from school, so I was home alone that night. I did what I usually did when I was the only one home; lounge around, play video games, and watch TV. It was around 8 PM when I heard someone knock on my door. Now, I live in a very friendly neighborhood so it's not very rare for someone to stop by at this time of night. When I opened the door no one was there (Or at least I thought there wasn't). Instead there was The Envelope lying on my mat, the duct tape side facing up.You can imagine how I felt when I saw the other side... Still, I was curious about what was inside so I brought it up to my room and opened it up. Was I suspicious of playing the Disk? Yeah, but I'm sure anyone would be suspicious of playing something they got in an equally suspicious envelope.

     I played it, and watched it. Simple as that. I had no idea who half the people on the Disk were, the only one standing out at the time were a couple of videos featuring me. I did, however, notice a recurring feature with each subject. They all (myself included) talked about, saw, recorded (but didn't see themselves), or had signs that He was near. It was at this point I decided to man up and go back into what I tried to forget. I began to search for the people on the Disk over the internet, coming up with some results but not really getting anything solid. In the past 2 months, I've found about 2 people other than myself. I continue to investigate the Disk to this day.

Well there you go, once again sorry it took so long for me to write this. And since you guys deserve to know, here are the two people that I have actually decided are on the Disk:

- Chase Chan (
- Mark (

From now on, whenever somebody from the Disk is found their name will be posted here (And a link to a blog/channel/twitter if there is any).

Before I wrap this up, one of you asked how I knew Mark was on the Disk. Well I didn't know right away, the audio on the Disk sounded a lot like Mark in one of his videos. I knew officially after I saw the video in the synchtube.

So yea, I hope this is what you guy wanted. See you all later.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Black Disk: Pt. 1

I've decided to split this post up into two parts, video/pics and then the story.

EDIT: Okay, so all the pictures I took are gone. I'll check the internal memory just in-case it got saved there, but I made a few extra photos for you guys.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Decided to make a blog after what happened.

     Well, no doubt anyone who's reading this came here from Mark's blog. I know he thinks I'm a troll, and some of you might as well, but truth be told I'm not. That disk I received back in May is real, and Mark is one of the people on it. Honestly I had my suspicions that Mark was on the Disk, but the video was too heavily distorted to tell. Until what happened in the synchtube, that is.

     Oh, and for those who read my little "argument" with Mark, you know I emailed him something. If you really want to know it's just a few pictures of the Disk and the envelope it came in. I might post them in here, but only if want to see them and Mark refuses it. Anyways, that's all for my first post. I'll talk about the Disk more in the next post.

EDIT: Alright so Mark posted the pictures. If anyone wants a few more shots, just ask.