Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Decided to make a blog after what happened.

     Well, no doubt anyone who's reading this came here from Mark's blog. I know he thinks I'm a troll, and some of you might as well, but truth be told I'm not. That disk I received back in May is real, and Mark is one of the people on it. Honestly I had my suspicions that Mark was on the Disk, but the video was too heavily distorted to tell. Until what happened in the synchtube, that is.

     Oh, and for those who read my little "argument" with Mark, you know I emailed him something. If you really want to know it's just a few pictures of the Disk and the envelope it came in. I might post them in here, but only if want to see them and Mark refuses it. Anyways, that's all for my first post. I'll talk about the Disk more in the next post.

EDIT: Alright so Mark posted the pictures. If anyone wants a few more shots, just ask.


  1. Objectively, if you have a side of the story to tell, I'm intrigued. Can we see the other shots before making any further judgments?

  2. I'll post a full collection of the shots as well as my story in the next post.